APT Learning Center

The APT Learning Center offers a unique combination of therapist and teachers collaborating to help students achieve their next academic level in Reading, Math and Writing subjects.  The multi-sensory approach to learning is one in which multiple senses are engaged at the same time. This helps learners of all abilities reach their goals. Just because a child has not learned a subject the first time does not mean they did not learn it – it simply means they did not learn it their way.

Our Tutors

scrabble blocks with learn spelled outOur tutors are Kentucky Certified Teachers with Master’s degree and classroom experience. We tailor our teaching to each child’s unique needs.  The Learning Center is open to all family members, not just those who visit APT for therapy. This can be a great use of time for one child while a sibling is in the office for a therapy appointment.

The APT Learning Center is a great way to extend some speech and occupational therapy concepts and goals in the case that your insurance visits run out.  We are less expensive than other tutoring services and offer much more experience.

Contact our Learning Center Director, Carmen Heller, to schedule an assessment or to get more information.