December Patient Spotlight: Eden!

When Eden was around 6 months I noticed that she couldn’t hold her head up on her own which worried me. When Eden turned one she was not crawling or walking, she was barely sitting up on her own. Her wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Doyle immediately ran tests and referred me to Associates in Pediatric Therapy.

Tell us your child’s story.
She has had hundreds of tests with different specialists and all tests have shown no abnormalities. Although we do not have an official diagnosis Eden is considered globally delayed. With a knowledgeable team of professionals Eden has made a remarkable improvement in all areas, although she still falls behind in some. The journey to get her this far was sometimes overwhelming and scary, but her father and I knew we had to keep going to help her. We feel confident that she will continue to strive.

Why did you choose APT for therapy services?
Dr. Doyle referred us to Associates in Pediatric Therapy and we are so glad that she did! When I called for scheduling I was impressed with how attentive and helpful they were to Eden’s needs. They truly make you feel like you are at home and do not hesitate to answer any questions that you may have.

What improvements have you seen in your child since they started therapy at APT?
When Eden started therapy she was unable to use her fine and gross motor skills and her speech was delayed. After one year of working with her therapists Eden can walk, run, and move like she should. Her speech has improved, she has over 100 words in her vocabulary. Eden has gained confidence in herself and continues to accelerate in all areas.

What has been your brightest moment along the journey?
The brightest moment was when Eden took her first steps. Her father and I expected her to walk when she was a year. We became greatly concerned as each month passed by and she was not walking. We worried that she would never walk so those first steps at 21 months were so precious to us. It has been an emotional journey for our family.

What advice would you give other parents who face similar situations?
The moment you suspect your child is not reaching their milestones at the appropriate time seek the help of professionals. Early intervention is important to give your child the best opportunity to overcome their struggles. Having a strong support system will make things a lot easier for you and your child. Surround yourself with loved ones and lean on them when you are feeling alone.

Physical Therapist, Chelsea Benham, Speech Therapist, LeAnn Swallom, and Occupational Therapist, Kim Lawrence all see Eden at APT. Speech Therapist, Megan Robbins previously saw Eden as well. We asked them to share a little about their journey with her.

How long have you been working with Eden and what improvements have you seen?


I first evaluated Eden in November of 2016 when she was 16 months old. When she came to her initial physical therapy evaluation, she would not detach from her mother without intense screaming and her gross motor skills were significantly limited. She was only able to sit up and ‘butt scoot’ for mobility. Over the past year Eden came to APT 1-2 times per week for intensive PT and her mother was amazing following the home exercise recommendations. She was very resistive to therapy to start, but after a few months she thrived in therapy and loved coming to see us! Now, Eden is a growing and vivacious little girl as she learned to roll, get on her tummy, crawl (which she absolutely hated to start), and is now walking, going up/down stairs, and learning to jump! She is so full of life and wants to be on the go at all times. It has been an amazing experience getting to know Eden and watching her grow!


I started working with Eden several months ago. We have been working on increasing her vocabulary, using words for a variety of functions (such as commenting, requesting, and labeling), and also combining words into short phrases. It’s been exciting to hear her saying new things each session and see the progress she has made in the short time I’ve been with her!


I have been working with Eden for a year. She just graduated from occupational therapy last week. She has improved her tolerance for dressing. She can now suck through a straw and use a spoon to feed herself independently. Eden has also improved her sensory regulation to tolerate most settings without a meltdown. She also improved her tolerance for tummy time and has since greatly improved her core strength.




I had the pleasure of working with Eden from her initial evaluation in October 2016 until the end of March 2017. In that time, I was able to watch her increase her social/pragmatic skills, receptive and expressive language skills. I also had the pleasure of watching her grow and develop in her relationships with her therapists. When I first evaluated Eden, she used three words consistently and at our last session together she used a variety of single words. It was so great to play a role in her growth and development!

Describe a little about yours and Eden’s relationship.


Eden and I have had a roller coaster of a relationship! When she first started, she hated PT and didn’t have any love for me either. She would scream for the majority of our sessions, especially when I would put her on her belly! We went through about 3 months of this challenging relationship, but I knew if I kept pushing her she would eventually return the love. Over time as she progressed in gross motor skills and as tasks became more playful and fun, she started to love PT and me! (which made me very happy!) Now, her and I absolutely adore one another! I discharged Eden from PT after 1 year of hard work to let her get back to her job of being a kid, so I haven’t treated her in about a month. She may need PT again in the future, and I hope I get to pick up where we left off. However, just recently, her mom just sent me a video of her asking to come see me!! Eden is one special little nugget that I am privileged to have met and worked with her and the family.


I have really enjoyed getting to know Eden and her family! Ms. Kim, Eden’s occupational therapist, and I have been seeing Eden together, and it has really been a joy to see her vocabulary and language skills develop in not only speech but OT activities, too!


The relationship Eden and I have is a roller coaster. For about the first 6 months Eden despised everything to do with therapy and so we spent almost the entire session doing calming strategies. After getting past the negative behavior toward therapy she really started to take off. Her personality shinned throughout the clinic. At this point, our relationship was very special. She brightened my day every Wednesday and was always so happy to come back and play. I think Eden enjoyed OT the most just because she got to eat her applesauce 🙂 I am happy Eden still comes to the clinic for speech because she will be missed so much. Eden is such a sweet, loving girl with tons of personality and I am thankful we crossed paths.


Eden is a sweet girl who was a pleasure to work with each week! Her enthusiastic smile was always able to light up the room and I enjoyed watching her big personality emerge each week. It brings me so much joy to be able to look back and see where she started at the initiation of therapy to where she is now!



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