August Patient Spotlight: Jacob!

Jacob was born with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome. We found out about his heart defect while he was still in utero and were told by some he would not live. After multiple physician consults and much collaboration, Jacob underwent his first open heart surgery at 14 days old. He has had a total of five […]

July Patient Spotlight: Niko!

Niko was born in Bulgaria, about 2 hours from the Black Sea.  He was immediately placed in the institution located in that region after birth.  So, for the next 3 years, Niko experienced severe neglect.  We started pursuing adoption at about the time Niko was born, and ended up picking him up and finalizing his […]

June Patient Spotlight: Owen!

We first became concerned with Owen’s speech around 15 months of age, but we had heard that some children are just late talkers. Owen had always been a quiet child, not babbling very much, but he seemed to comprehend what we were saying to him, which contributed to us not realizing there was an issue. […]