December Patient Spotlight: Eden!

When Eden was around 6 months I noticed that she couldn’t hold her head up on her own which worried me. When Eden turned one she was not crawling or walking, she was barely sitting up on her own. Her wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Doyle immediately ran tests and referred me to Associates in Pediatric […]

November Patient Spotlight: William!

We are a retired military family. My husband, Wally, is a 30-year veteran of the US Army.  Seventeen years of marriage passed before finally having our son, William.  On November 3, 2000, William Ismael Nieves was born at Roosevelt Roads Naval Hospital located in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. We were so blessed and overjoyed to finally […]

October Patient Spotlight: Charlie!

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month, so we are delighted to share one of our dear patients, Charlie, with you! Here’s a little more about this special guy! Tell us your child’s story. Charlie is 11 years old and in 6th grade. He plays basketball and loves to dance. He is a happy guy but […]